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Introduction and such

Hell my fellow birls!

Anyways this is probably the most stupidest question in the world maybe even off topic but it has to do with hair. Thats part of style right? Mods, feel free to delete this if this isn't on-topic.

Right now my hair is this size:


I'm such a fuzz puppet right?

I want to grow it out to this:


or this:

Which do you think would look best on me? I really like the last one but then again i like all  of them. 

Just one last question i swear. I know how to grow it out, i mean thats simple but how would i go about telling the hair dresser what i wanted besides a picture? Some hairdresser have never done hairstyles like this before and i don't want my hair all messed up though i could always shave it.
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