by the skin of my teeth (governmentcandy) wrote in birl_style,
by the skin of my teeth


i'm jack. 24 as of march.
i like clothes. too much. i'm currently going through the painful process of lightening my wardrobe because i live in a camp trailer in bellingham, wa right now and i don't have anywhere to keep my wardrobe which, due to several recent homes dangerously close to secondhand stores, and also due to a hugely vascillating gender identity/presentation, has gotten way, way too big to handle. i want to be a personal stylist so i can dress someone up all the time without it causing my wallet to shrink and my closet to bulge.

Fall rolls around and I get kind of into this oliver twist/newsboy thing...patched jackets and collared shirts and sweaters, and knee length pants with tall socks, and some sort of cap. anyone heard of teddy boys/teddy girls? it's this fashion phenomenon of the 50s. i also like that

i kinda look like this last one. complete with dirt. i live on a farm and have no plumbing and it's fun. usually i don't use run-on sentences. anyhow. ♥
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