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Birl Eye for the Birl :D

Hello. I'm Creamie (not my real name, but it is teh cool ^_^). I'm 20 years old, I'm from Georgia and I identify as genderqueer currently. I'm short and slender and even though I have a rather feminine face, I am often mistaken for a boy when my hair is really short.

This is slightly off-topic (STORY TIME! ^-^), but one time, I was eating at my college's cafeteria. My hair was really short, but I had on a SPARKLY LIGHT BLUE sweat suit. Anyways, some guy asked me if he and his friend could sit with me. I told them okay. The guy turned around and said "HE says we can sit here." I almost died laughing. :D (As I've stated, I was eating in a college cafeteria and I was wearing a light blue sparkly sweat suit. They probably thought I was, like, a really femme 12 year old boy XD) My mom is so depressed because she's really rigid when it comes to gender roles/dress and, of course, I'm genderqueer AND I'm mistaken for a guy occasionally. ^-^ (Well, not now since my hair's longer) My mom's always like "She's a girl!" and people are like "Oh! Oh! Sorry!" XD

Anyway, here's the real reason I posted. I am fashionably challenged. I now wear a bandana, a t-shirt, some shorts, and black walking shoes. EVERY DAY. I wear black one day. And blue one day. And black one day. And blue one day. I need serious help. Please give me all of the fashion advice you can. I'm not sure what fashion path I really want to be on, so just throw anything at me. Any path would be better than the path I'm on now. Thanks. XD
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