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Name: Fynn
Location: Oxfordshire, England
Identifies as: Bi, androgyne/soft butch
Style: formal-ish guy (3 piece suit, top hat [I wish…], button-up shirts etctera), steampunk/Victorian-goth (when I’m feeling daring), jeans+baggy T-shirt/beater (when I’m feeling tired)
Favorite Clothing:  button-up shirts, black trousers or jeans, neckscarves/ties, boots (Doc Martens and riding-boot style stuff), beaters, hats, leather gloves, wrist-cuffs
Least Favorite Clothing: skirts, short-shorts, boob-tubes, high heels, anything bright pink, low-waisted jeans
Before you were a birl, you dressed like: I’ve always dressed like a tomboy
What would you like to see in the future of fashion for birls?: more recognition of the fact that some women want to wear men’s formal stuff too (especially problematic when you’re short = I’m only 5 foot 1, so nothing fits me)

Me at a fancy dress party (as Trinity from The Matrix), trying very hard to keep a straight face ;)

 Et, c'est moi!
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