greenbuildings (greenbuildings) wrote in birl_style,

hey all, new to this community...

but we should get a theme of whatiwore today or something going ...

so i've been taking pictures of what i've been wearing. sort of like the whatiworetoday communities except i don't really want to post there as i'm kind of indifferent to the people there.

here is an outfit from the beginning of the month.

so i had this pair of white loafer shoes that i found on the side of the road and i was trying to figure out how to put an outfit together that would work with the colours. The photo is kind of bad but i managed to have an outfit based on tones/shades. white shoes, black socks, grey jeans, black v-neck, white with grey stripes shirt.

and this is an outfit from yesterday.

i really liked the rolled cuffs on the jacket.

underneath the jacket, i was wearing a vest and a mens shirt from h&m (size xs) i'm quite happy about this arrangement and really into wearing vests aas there is the option of being able to 'dress up' with it a little easier.

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