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Name: Marilyn
Age: 20, to be 21 in September
Identify?: Straight, female, admirer or masculine beauty. I don't try to pass, no.
Style: A bizarre mix of styles, particularly influenced by Japan and various periods of European antiquity. I'm equally comfortable in "gothic" (black, grey, jewel tones) and "preppy" (khaki, white, colours) colour schemes. I also dress "regular" at times, but rarely all-out fem. It's been remarked that I have a slightly Squeenix-type feel to my dress.
Wardrobe staples: skinny pants, khaki trousers, long-sleeved button-up shirts, waistcoats, blazers, pseudo-frock coats, riding boots
Places to shop: everywhere cheap. Cheap is relative, though, because I don't think much of spending $40 on a shirt, as long as it used to cost $100. Salvation Army, Gabriel Bros, Ebay, Goodwill, Plato's Closet.

This is me

Jacket - Lux (Urban Outfitters), Gabriel Bros. $3
Shirt - NY&Co., Gabriel Bros. $12
Vest - Lucy Love (Pac Sun), $24
Pants - United Colours Of Benetton, Salvation Army $4
Belt - Bullhead (Pac Sun), $24
Buckle - Gabriel Bros., $1
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