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gender isn't binary || why should clothing be?

revolution, birl_style
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This community was created in semi-conjunction with the birls community. The idea was to create a place where a "birl" could rant, rave and post pictures of anything and everything to do with clothing and how it relates to gender. For those of us that choose not to wear the ideal feminine clothing, it can be hard to shop for clothes and find things that fit properly, and look nice on us, so I thought it'd be nice for other shop-a-holics to have a place to post regarding these topics.

Here are some things to read before joining/posting:

YES, these are ok:
  • Please post an introduction about yourself, where you're from, your age, how you identify (or if you choose not to)!
  • Post anything regarding the clothing you like to wear, and how you look in it! Just remember to use an lj-cut if you post large pictures, or more than 1. (If the picture is wider than the box it appears in on the birl_style page, then please put it behind a cut.)
  • Definitely post where you like to shop! You may also wish to include brands you like best for your body type, the best place you've found to buy jeans, etc etc. That's what we like to know!
  • Also, feel free to post regarding situations you've been in and been treated differently because of you're clothing.
  • You may post auctions and items for sale if they are relating to the theme of the community. Let's please keep this at a bare minimum, because I don't want this to become an auction/sale community.

    NO, these are NOT ok:
  • Please do not join and then never post anything. What's the point of that?
  • Do not leave any negative comments regarding a person's appearance, clothing selection or the stores they choose to shop in.
  • Do not promote your community here, unless it pertains directly to the LGBT community. Do not promote any rating communities, regardless.
  • Please do not make posts looking for LiveJournal friends, MySpace friends, or someone to talk to on instant messenger.
  • Posts that are off-topic, which means not relating to birls or birl-style clothing. So yes, that means no picture of the family dog!

    If you violate any of these rules, your post/comment will be deleted and you will be warned. If it happens a second time, you will be removed from the community.

    NOTE: I'm very open to any and all suggestions regarding the community/promotion, etc. So please feel free to contact me. =)

    Copy, Save & Promote!